me how I get my hair so soft, how I get it so fluffy, and how I get it so shiny. Well it’s not that complicated. Simply just become in a relationship with your hair is all. I’m very obsessive about my hair and it’s health and such. So I don’t really do a whole lot to it, but I guess if you want soft hair like I do then you can try these tips.
- I only use sulfate free hair products or this hair brand (Organix).
- I rarely use hot water on my hair, always rinsing with luke warm to freezing cold water.
- When I use shampoo, I only put as much as the size of quarter to almost the size of a half dollar of it in the center of my palm. (Make sure that the shampoo touches the roots, it’ll help open them up.)
- When I use conditioner, I only put as much as the size of a nickle to the size of a quarter in the center of my palm. (Never let the conditioner touch your scalp or roots. It’s best to condition your hair upside down. Make sure you rub the conditioner all over your hands and do up and out.)
- When finished rinsing, I use a towel to hand dry my hair. (Drying with a towel takes most on the moisture away, but leaves just the right amount in your hair. You can use a blow dryer, but make sure it’s a a low setting. Never use a high setting because it can do damage to the hair.
- Don’t use TOO MUCH hair products! (The more hair products you use, the more damage it’ll do to the hair. I completely stopped using hair spray. The only time I use a hair product is either for doing curls, a hair mask, or to help repair damaged hair from bleaching.)
- When I go to comb/brush my hair, I always use a two sided comb. One that has widely spaced and closed spaced teeth on it. (When I go to comb, I use the widely spaced side first and comb straight through all over. Then, I comb with the closed spaced side. This will help control the frizz and static in your hair as it begins to dry out.)
- When my hair is finally completely dry, I wait at least a day or two before I decide to use any heat controlled hair products such as curling irons, straighteners, etc… (This allows my hair to readjust to the environment.)
- When it comes to the next time washing, I wait from 3-4 days before washing it again. (I only go to wash my hair the next day only if I’ve been exercising or have been at the gym an entire day. But within those three-four days, I still keep up with keeping my skin clean and take soothing baths.)
- I tend to do hair masks from time to time, but I don’t do them as much as I use too.
- I take two fish oil pills each day after eating a healthy lunch to help my hair grow and develop new hairs to grow at the roots. (It seems to work for me.)
- When I color my hair or bleach it (I tend to do that a lot), I always wash it out with cold water. After washing it out, I don’t wash my hair for 4-5 days. (When you color your hair exotic colors or bleach it, your hair suffers a lot of damage and by waiting so long to wash your hair it’ll help put nutrients and the oils your hair needs back into it. The next time you wash after waiting, use warm to semi-cold water. Also when I color my hair, I never jump right back in to using shampoo. I use conditioner at least 2-3 times the beginning trial of when my hair is colored.)
- I tend to do a deep conditioning once in the middle of each month. (I only deep condition my hair for a half hour to close to 40 minutes. You never want to deep condition your hair too long because later on it could cause your hair to break off.)
- I do cut my own hair. (I trim the dead ends and split ends off. I only ever majorly do a new hair style unless I’m bored with the one I already have. I use professional cutting scissors. Never use/do; regular scissors, razors, nail clippers, the lighter method, hair pulling out method, teeth chewing, beer method, peroxide method, hair glitter, etc… all these things can/will do harm and damage to your hair. So I recommend that if you want your hair done, go to a professional, go to beauty school, or talk to someone you know who has experience about learning how to cut your own hair.)
- I avoid using a lot of heat conducting products. (If I haven’t already said it or if you haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t use a lot of heat products and when I do I always makes sure I use some type of heat protection product for my hair.)
- Now for me, I don’t let other people touch my hair. (I don’t like peoples’ hands touching my hair because I have no clue if their hands are washed and I don’t like having new contamination being put into my hair.)
- Hair products I personally prefer to use; Organix, sometimes Bedhead, sometimes TRESemme, enchanted (hair care product), sometimes Aussie,sometimes RUSK, Burt’s Bees, and sometimes chi.
- When I go to bed, I tie my hair up or I braid it. (Braiding or tying your hair up gives your hair a pull or a slight tug at the roots, so it’ll help your hair with hair growth. I know it works for me, so it might be something new you might like to try.)
- I’m a vegetarian so I’m always eating fruits and veggies all the time so that can play a role in why my hair is the way it is. (Please note, becoming a vegetarian doesn’t mean it’ll help your hair. Adding certain fruits and veggies to your diet can help or just eating foods that will help your hair like salmon, walnuts, or blueberries can help as well.)
- Also, the type of hair that you have can play a role into how you should take care of your hair. (For me, I have very thick wavy/curly hair so the way I treat my hair has to work for my hair. So I would check with your stylist as well.)
These are just some of the things I do/done to help my hair. Hope this has helped! Thank you!

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